Date:January 2017

Role:Research, IxD, Visual Design, Strategy

PrescriptiQ is a prescription-decision support tool for point-of-care use by providers. It helps providers reduce the uncertainty of drug-selection using the most up-to-date drug research including genomic markers. My objective was transform an academic prototype used by physicians in a research setting to a commercial-ready product.

Seamless integration

New technology adoption by providers is a rare accomplishment, particularly when it might increase average screen time during patient care. So, I asked myself: "How might we display the pharmacogenomic results in a way that minimizes unnecessary screen time?"


Shown a basic academic prototype, I was given three months to see that the minimum required features were made production-ready. I coordinated my design sprints with the development sprints so that new features would pump out every two weeks. The sensitivity of information that would be stored and displayed by our product placed a greater burden on ensuring that every element of our tech stack was built properly.

Lean Prototyping

Despite my one-man design team and the necessarily rapid development cadence, I needed to validate ideas. I used InVision App for usability testing at various fidelities.

mid-fidelity prototype (password protected)
higher-fidelity prototype (password protected)

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